Bike Fit Info

We use the traditional precise bike fitting methods, fine tuning you with our experienced "know how", a level, a goniometer and a plumb bob - all designed to optimize your personal physical possibilities.

But here is the "kicker" which is why you should choose us as your next bike fittter:

We have an extra feature where we back every measurement up by running the rider through our Retül 3D motion capturing machine. Retül creates 3D rider images based on the rider's and bike's actual data and movement in symbiosis. The technology, combined with the traditional precise methods, bring the rider and bike into a perfect relationship.

The Retül bike fit is a complex analysis which consists of 3D infrared data capture. Via infrared tracking points, the data is captured, and this provides a highly accurate measuring of the rider and his bike based on the rider´s personal physical movements. Everything is done virtually and can be watched by the rider as the extra fit develops.

Everything has to be in balance, riding a bike is not only suffering, it´s about being smart, it´s about saving energy and still riding fast in a more sufficient aero position without wearing your body down. The beautiful sport of cycling can be harmful to your body if not done the right way - Let us help you become a new better YOU.

The bike fit will start with a brief discussion about my history, your goals, expectations and physical situation.

Hereafter, you´ll be examined for body motion abnormalities and other visual observations that can improve your riding. We are NOT physiotherapists, but we will stretch your legs, pelvis and lower back before the warm-up on your bike to help you get the best benefit from the bike fit you have invested in.

While warming up on your on our hometrainer you´ll be shown a short dvd about bike fitting, tech-stuff and explanation about the precise hardware we use.

After the 10 min. warm-up is over the actual bikefit will start, here you´ll have all your body angel´s measured/adjusted and have your total bike checked/adjusted for improvements.

To improve your riding position we will adjust the following if needed:
- The position of the clamps on your shoes and if you need wedges.
- If you need insoles, these will be measured and heat molded.
- Your saddle´s height, position or angle.
- Your handlebars position or height, your stem´s angle or length.

Everything in close cooperation with you, so we know how you feel. We will have all the measurements and adjustments right - 2 times! But it´s about your special needs. Ofcourse taken into consideration what rider type you are and what was your problems before your bikefit.

- After the traditional precise bikefit, we hook you up to our Retül 3D motion capturing machine which can help us fine adjust the details and CONFIRM that we were right the first time. Your profile will be saved, so when you return we´ll be ready with your previous measurements.

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