core- and bike training

Without a strong core you're nothing... Or you're not the rider you could or wish to be.
Core training in and off the race season is not only for professionals it's also for everybody else who like to ride their bikes.

The core is important
If we view the core from a cyclist perspective, the particular muscles involved serves as a stabilizer's for the whole body. For the for a cyclist it is VERY important to have strong core muscles, because of the whole mechanism from the power generated to the rear wheel. The output transfers from your strong core via the leg, pedal, crankset, frame, chain, cassette and into the rear wheel. If your core is weak = You loose power in the process.
Because the core serves as a natural stabilizer for complex movement, other muscles that surround the spine and connect to the pelvic floor becomes essential in core training.  On top of muscular strength, proprioception is another vital component in achieving power, stamina, stability and balance.

bike training

To become a better cyclist you need to train smarter and after what your future goal are. I will put everything into easy systems, motivate you, control your volume and intervals – And most of all have you focus on recovery that makes you stronger.
In my carreer i have followed these simple steps and gained massive improvement.

Systematic Bike Training is for everybody!

You definitely need guidance if you´re a "PRO" team rider and preparing for the new upcoming season. There´s a reason why ALL World Tour Teams and Pro Continental Teams have performance trainers and coaches. This is because they wanna make shure that their riders are performing, so they can be the best ambassadors for the sponsors. But also because the teams wanna educate and coach the riders to become healthier mental individuals. Happier people = Better results.

Educate - Adopt - adapt - improve

In periods of your biking you need to focus on a specific program if you wanna improve your effort and general condition.

Let me teach you how to be a smarter cyclist!

It does´nt always take 100% of your effort, but if you want the biggest results in life - it is on the 100% there is the most to be conquered. //Rasmus

Prices for core- and bike training is the same:

Bike training will be provided with 1 week training program.
1 hr. $60

10 x 1 hr. $500 save $100

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