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Your feet are the foundation for your entire body. When this foundation is misaligned or functioning poorly the effects can be felt throughout the body, whether in muscle and joint pain or through more serious injuries. Over 75% of the population suffers from overpronation or excessive supination, yet most of us are unaware of our own foot type and how it affects the rest of our body.

By simply supporting the feet properly overall body alignment can be improved, alleviating pain and helping the body heal itself.

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Learn more about why custom orthotic insoles...

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No foot is the same!

Every foot is different. Each person has a different combination of proximal and distal lateral and longitudinal arches. Because each person possesses a unique combination of each custom molded insoles are the only way to truly support your feet.

The process

We use an insole specific oven that heat and activate the special materials inside the insoles. Once heated we utilize special techniques including a molding mat designed to be used with FootBalance insole.

Once heated and molded to the unique shape of your feet we let them cool down and firm up. Once the molding process is complete we fine tune the insoles to fit your shoes perfectly.

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This illustrations shows the many areas of the body affected by overpronation. By simply supporting the feet properly overall body alignment can be improved, alleviating pain and helping the body heal itself.

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FootBalance heatmolded Insoles
Custom FootBalance Insoles.
Custom molding Session.
Get alligned.
Slim profile minimizes additional heel lift.
Adds comfort and support to rigid footwear.
Transform your power to cleat.
2 sets of FootBalance insoles
$200/2 sets
So you don´t have to transfer from shoe to shoe.
Save $100 Super offer!
Be good to yourself!!!
Manual Bike Fit + FootBalance Insoles
Manual Bike Fit + 1 set of insoles.
Custom FootBalance Insoles.
Complet setup and allignment
Everything that our Manual Bike Fit offers!
$100 Savings.
ex. parts.

First Pro Contract thanks to
Rasmus is a great coach and motivator. He comes from years of experience in the European pro peloton and uses his knowledge to keep me alligned. We have worked with Hypoxico altitude training system and 3D Retül bike fit. I also got FootBalance custommolded insoles. What i have recieved from has helped me grow as a rider and exceed my expectations.