Heat moldable insoles from FootBalance is a game changer, it is so important for the riders stroke that the foot is fitted correct in the shoe. But it´s not only for bikeriders it´s also for anybody else who wants to improve posture and allign your body.

The use of therapeutic orthotic insoles can have a major influence on the health of your body, but also for a smooth ride on your bicycle. Over 70% of normal people suffer from a foot condition which impairs the normal function of the body? Overpronation – or excessive pronation of the foot affects almost three quarters of the population, and plantar fasciitis is understood to strike at least 10 percent of Americans during a lifetime. Both of these troublesome conditions can be addressed by orthotic insoles.

The foot is the part of the body which absorbs the shocks from  walking and each movement of the feet also requires the prevention of friction between bones and muscles. There are many degenerative conditions that occur in the feet which can be resolved with the use of such foot orthotics.

Again i can not urge enough to invest in a pair of insoles molded after your feet.

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FootBalance heatmolded Insoles
Custom FootBalance Insoles.
Custom molding Session.
Get alligned.
Slim profile minimizes additional heel lift.
Adds comfort and support to rigid footwear.
Transform your power to cleat.
2 sets of FootBalance insoles
$200/2 sets
So you don´t have to transfer from shoe to shoe.
Save $100 Super offer!
Be good to yourself!!!
Manual Bike Fit + FootBalance Insoles
Manual Bike Fit + 1 set of insoles.
Custom FootBalance Insoles.
Complet setup and allignment
Everything that our Manual Bike Fit offers!
$100 Savings.
ex. parts.